Brain TecLabs is a leading innovator in the field of software design. Started in 2012, we provide you with cutting edge solutions to your software needs. We specialize in Web and Mobile application development as well as Cloud computing technologies. We deliver high performance and effective softwares for your enterprise. We can also help you set up your own dedicated technology team.

We provide a host of services to cater the unique needs of our clients. We do our very best to provide customized software well suited to your needs. The software we develop is highly scalable and adaptive and will mold itself along with the growth of your company. Our teams put in all their efforts to provide you with reliable software to keep your systems running and your business operating smoothly.

If you are looking for a time efficient, cost effective and reliable software solution for your problem, then be sure to contact us. Our unique working principles along with highly trained professionals will ensure the development of state of the art software for your enterprise needs.

Three Key Features of Brain Teclabs


People are key to any enterprise. The reason we talk about People first is because Process and Programmes are designed to support People. For us the People include our clients and our own staff. The importance of our clients is implicit and our staff is key to delivery of quality Programmes to our customer.


The Process is the glue which holds People and Programme together. Our Process Framework differentiates us from our competition. It is designed ground up and focuses on People. We use appropriate Programmes to ease Process compliance. Our Process Framework is simple, flexible, effective, efficient and extensible.


Programme is the tools which People use to adopt and practice Processes. A lot of research and experience have been invested in choosing relevant Programmes for this. It helps us make our operations smooth, transparent and professional.

We love doing what we do

It's a prerequisite for joining our team and while that means is we're full of passionate and Hard working people who awaits for incredible challenges.

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