Our skilled consultants are able to analyse and quickly identify the key areas in which your software is underperforming and how it can be improved. Brain TecLabs are on hand to assist via remote access or at the client’s location. Our primary focus targets database architecture, application management and network infrastructure. We are also able to provide hardware and storage solutions if requested.

Stratergy & Planning

Performance isn’t limited by the architecture. Whether a new system is deployed or old software upgraded, our methodical and structured approach to the development process yields increased efficiency, efficacy and improved functionality.

Design & Infrastructure

Our expertise lies in software redesign, allowing us to fine tune your systems to meet your needs. We aim to help you meet your performance milestones at offshore rates.


In the current world of technology, your business can only move as fast as its Software applications allow. We are experts in performance improvement of slow and complex Software. We have successfully worked closely with UK companies like you, and assisted them with performance improvement, resulting in following for some of the UK clients.


Every tuning engagement is different. However, below are some of the most common tasks performed during this type of engagement.


 Hardware Assessment

 System Performance Analysis

 Database Server Analysis

 Storage Procedure and SQL Analysis

 Schema Analysis

 Application Architecture



Brain TecLabs have successfully worked closely with many UK companies, our assistance has had this result on some of our clients:

  • A Payroll provider is now able to process an additional 60% more contractors per week

  • A research company with over 400 skilled researchers is saving at least 30 minutes of productivity per day per researcher, adding up to 5000 hours of additional productivity.

  • A Pay and Bill product company have increased their Software revenue by 30% in the first year.

  • An Umbrella Company is saving GBP 3000/- per month on Server Cost.

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